Easy Steps for Career Clarity

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How to begin self- reflecting to rediscover your purpose.

Career development begins in childhood. We are asked a million times what we want to do or be when we “grow up.” The reality is that no one really knows what they want to do, even those high achievers that succeed at everything. Assuming that we have one purpose or career choice in a lifetime is a very linear and more masculine way to view career development. As we grow and change so do our interests, being open to a more fluid and dynamic career flow leads to a more successful career. It is ok to change your mind, no matter how vested you’ve been. You can decide that something is no longer fulfilling your needs and desires.

image for Step 1: List what you love your current job

Step 1: List what you love about your current job

Your job may have lost its luster but there are still parts that you love. You may stay for certain benefits, perks, or other things you enjoy. Think back to your first day, what were you most excited about? Was it the connections or impact you could have? Or the growth or change you’d be exposed to. Write whatever comes to mind.

image of step 2 that states what would make your job better

Step 2: List what would make your job better

You may love your job but something is missing. What would make it better? Would it be more opportunities for growth? To be able to have more of an impact in the community or even just have a shorter commute. Whatever it is, take a moment to be as detailed as possible. The more you write the more clear you’ll get on what you want.

image of step 3: list what you currently want for your career

Step 3: List what you currently want

Now take a moment to think about what you currently want for yourself and your career. Do you want to work in a new field, explore different options, or growth within your company? The more detailed about what you currently want the better picture you’ll have for Step 4.

image of step 4L list what you're willing to try

Step 4: List what you’re willing to try

Now that you have three different perspectives on what you want for your career development, take a moment to think about what you are willing to try to get the opportunity, growth, or change you want. Do you want to explore different companies, a new field, or more development within your current organization? Be limitless here, act as if all possibilities are possible for you.

Image of Step 5: create an action plan

Step 5: Create an Action Plan

No matter how scary this sounds, create an action plan for one thing listed in Step 4. Take one action over the next week or month. This can be asking for opportunities to lead a workgroup or meeting. Look to connect with others in a field of interest. Take action toward the career development you want. It will lead you to clarity.

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